Wyoming Valley RC Flyers


Article I: Name

Section I:
The name of this club shall be "Wyoming Valley R.C. Flyers".

Article II: Purpose

Section I:
The objective of this club shall be to promote model building and flying in the Wyoming Valley and its general locality, and to aid in the national program of The Academy of Model Aeronautics (A.M.A.) and other A.M.A. activities looking towards the continual advancement of model aviation in all its phases in the United States.

Section II:  All special or local enterprises of the Wyoming Valley R.C. Flyers shall conform to the policies of the A.M.A. and to the regulations of those organizations governing model aircraft.

Article III -Membership

Section I:
All persons living in the Wyoming Valley, or having connections in its vicinity, shall be eligible to membership in the Wyoming Valley R. C. Flyers provided they meet the qualifications prescribed by this club and the A.M.A., and are willing to hold an individual flyers license issued by the A.M.A..

Section II: The club membership shall be composed of Junior Members, Senior Members, and Honorary Members.

(a) Junior Members shall be all those 16 years of age and under.

(b) Senior Members shall be all those 17 years of age and over.
(c) Honorary Members shall be those individuals who are voted into the club by a  majority of the members present at a regular meeting. Honorary members are generally non flying members, but have been helpful to the club in various ways.



Established 1948

An AMA Gold Leader Club

AMA Charter # 952

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